For Consumers

The following U.S. health websites supported by Sanofi Pasteur provide information on a wide variety of disease preventable vaccines. These include meningitis, pertussis, influenza and more.


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Voices of Meningitis


This website,, contains a wealth of online meningitis resources, as well as testimonials from patients and their families. Materials are also available in Spanish. The Voices of Meningitis is a public awareness campaign in collaboration with the National Association of School Nurses.


Pertussis, Meningitis and Influenza

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ImmYounitySM, which can be accessed at, provides consumer-friendly information that will enable families to make informed decisions about immunization. Sanofi Pasteur is committed to being a conduit of relevant, credible, and balanced information that will help health-care providers and parents with their immunization discussions and decisions.